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Editorial: A Global Platform for Innovations in Health Professions Education

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Strengthening health systems and building capacity through effective workforce

development and health professional education are the cornerstones for

improving global health. Since the Lancet Commission’s 2010 landmark report1,

“Health professionals for a new century: transforming education to strengthen

health systems in an interdependent world,” there has been a groundswell of

excitement and activities among health professions educators to carry the

momentum forward. Notable major recommendations in the Commission’s report

validated the needs for a global outlook, alignment with healthcare delivery, an

inclusive multi-professional/trans-professional orientation, a systems-based

approach, and new instructional and institutional strategies. A broad receptivity

worldwide for such a paradigm-changing approach to health professions

education has been facilitated by general dissatisfaction with current healthcare

and education globally. There remains a chasm between skill sets needed for

providing high quality healthcare and the current fragmented and outdated

curricula of health professional education.

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