Open Osmosis: Library of Open Educational Resources (OER) for Medical Education


  • Ersilia M DeFilippis Resident, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Medical Scholar, Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion
  • Thasin Jaigirdar Project Coordinator, Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion
  • Shiv M. Gaglani Medical Student, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Co-founder and CEO, Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion
  • Matt Sakumoto Internal Medicine Resident, Scripps Mercy Hospital; Lead Editor, Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion
  • Vishal Punwani Medical Editor, Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion; Teaching Fellow, Khan Academy
  • Rishi Desai CMO, Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion; Pediatrics Infectious Disease Attending, Stanford School of Medicine
  • M. Ryan Haynes Co-founder and CTO, Osmosis – Knowledge Diffusion
  • Michael Painter Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation



medical education, open educational resources, crowdsourcing, Osmosis


Many resources currently available for graduate and undergraduate medical education are fragmented, difficult to access, and costly. Osmosis, a web- and mobile-based platform, was developed to create a shared and easily accessible repository of curated clinical educational resources. We have recently launched “Open Osmosis” - a public-facing portal that has become one of the largest databases of Creative Commons-licensed questions, among other open educational resources (OER), for medical education. Initially created for use at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Osmosis spread to recruit and involve medical students, physicians, and clinical content advisors from dozens of countries and hundreds of institutions. These individuals have served various roles, including as question-writers (“Medical Contributors”), content organizers (“Medical Scholars”), and expert reviewers (“Clinical Advisors”). Here we describe our experience developing Open Osmosis as a case study for crowdsourcing medical education content, and to comment on potential future development of this platform.


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DeFilippis, E. M., Jaigirdar, T., Gaglani, S. M., Sakumoto, M., Punwani, V., Desai, R., Haynes, M. R., & Painter, M. (2015). Open Osmosis: Library of Open Educational Resources (OER) for Medical Education. Innovations in Global Health Professions Education.




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