Neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia

How serious games can improve caregiver’s education
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Neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) are very common in people with dementia-related disorders, and are responsible for a large share of the suffering of patients and caregivers. Current evidence suggests that non-pharmacological treatments are promising solutions to NPS. However, a critical factor in the treatment success is represented by the involvement of professional and family caregivers. Here we briefly present “No panic in the nursing home”, an educational “serious game” designed for healthcare professionals working in nursing homes. Based on an educational program previously designed by our group, “No Panic in the Nursing Home”  teaches professional caregivers how to deal with NPS of dementia. The player takes the role of a nursing home nurse, and is confronted with practical situations in which he/she needs to decide how to behave. Results collected in three nursing homes suggest that the game is considered as very interesting by nursing home healthcare professionals, even by persons with no previous experience with videogames.

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serious games; educational games; dementia; caregivers; EA CoBTek



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