Archives: 2019: Special Issue: Medical Humanities in the Middle East

Year Article # Article Title
2019 1 Editorial
2019 2 The pursuit of balance
2019 3 The various faces of genomics in Islamic bioethics
2019 4 Witnessing cancer: The voices that accompany me
2019 5 Storytelling for trauma and the global health humanities
2019 6 Listening to your patient, a key factor for successful consultations in a clinical setting
2019 7 Islamic bioethical discourse in incidental findings: Research genetic context
2019 8 Narrating Arab women's voice and disability: Notes on the Flesh, a biomythography
2019 9 Doctors with borders: The White Helmets and radical political medicine
2019 10 Impact of fluorescent color temperature on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) subjects: A FMRI study
2019 11 Art therapy for grief and self-care in medical settings
2019 12 The Zar (Bori) Cult: A proposed integrated psychotherapy module
2019 13 The importance of communication that keeps at its core emotional states: Evidence from the Middle East
2019 14 Doctors as mediators between two worlds: Biomedicine and socioeconomic realities in Arab societies (A reading through literary texts)
2019 15 Anatomy of Melancholy: An Arabic take on an English classic
2019 16 Factors associated with spirit possession: A cross cultural systematic literature review
2019 17 Ethics of occupational medicine in Qatargas
2019 18 "Sparkling Moments": Graphic medicine as a reflective tool for self-efficacy and motivation
2019 19 A view from the cuckoo's nest: The value of teaching sociology in medical schools
2019 20 Brontë's work relating to Sufism
2019 21 A reflective space: Supporting local and expatriate patients, developing culturally sensitive mental health practices
2019 22 Preparing medical students for the writing of history of present illness: Marching from short story reading and the practice of visual art
2019 23 Confidentiality, partner notification and ethical issues: A qualitative research on people living with HIV in Istanbul
2019 24 The great medical questions—and beyond: A medical-humanities curriculum